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How ASTM Standards Tracker® Works


Note: In order to setup an account or track standards, you’ll need to visit


Step 1: Log In

Click the Sign In button to create an account or log in to your My Account.


Step 2: Choose Your Standards

After signing in, hover over your name and select Tracker from the drop-down list to navigate to a page where you can view your list of tracked standards and choose to track standards.

To track an individual standard, search for any standard on ASTM and click the pin icon to add this standard to your Tracker list.


Step 3: Edit Your Tracked List

Sign In and visit your Tracker Services area to change your selections.


Step 4: Receive Alerts

Receive automatic Tracker email alerts only when your selected options include new, updated, amended, withdrawn or replaced documents.


Why You Need ASTM Standards Tracker®

• Get the earliest notification possible — directly from the experts who develop the standards

• Mitigate risk by ensuring you’re always up-to-date

• Save time by eliminating tracking on your own


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